What We Do

Our program ranges from intensive behavioral therapy to parent trainings. Each program is designed specifically for your family. You and your family will be paired with an expertly trained behavior management team to reduce problem behaviors such as tantrums, aggression, yelling, throwing objects, and self-injury. 

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EIBT- Early Intensive Behavior Therapy 

Focuses on the acquisition of language as well as social, play and adaptive skills. Applied Behavior Analytic methods are utilized to reduce challenging behavior. Typically lasting two to five years in duration, this program uses a combination of discrete trial methods and naturalistic teaching strategies. Parent participation is imperative for the generalization and maintenance of newly acquired skills.

BIS - Behavior 
Intervention Services

Combines parent coaching and modeling to facilitate long lasting behavior changes. This short term program is centered around the teachings of the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our intention is to focus on positive prevention measures to set you and your family up to successfully intervene upon challenging behavior.

SSG- Social Skills Group

Our Social Skills Group pairs children of similar age and interests so that they may work to learn and hone their social skills. Group leaders facilitate the development of social skills such as holding a conversation, good sportsmanship, appropriately requesting items from peers, asking peers to play, utilizing coping strategies, and solving problems. With a qualifying diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, weekly SSG meetings are fully funded by your child's medical insurance. 

Current groups includes age range: 5-10 years

Telehealth Services

Telehealth is the delivery of Behavior Health Treatment services using interactive audio and visual electronic systems where the Behavior Management Team and the patient are not in the same physical location. The interactive electronic systems used in Telehealth are encrypted to protect the confidentiality of the patient and audio and visual data. Potential benefits of Telehealth include increased accessibility to Behavior Health Treatment and patient convenience.

Our Process

How It Works


Submit Intake paperwork

Provide some basic background information as well as a copy of the diagnostic report and release of information.


Request for Assessment

Once we have received your paperwork our team will take care of all of the steps to request an assessment authorization.


Assessment Begins

The assessment process typically lasts 2-3 weeks.  We would like to allow for adequate time to get to know you and your child.

For more info check out our blog detailing what intake and assessment looks like

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you currently serve?

We offer our services in Yolo County, Woodland, Davis, and West Sacramento. If you live outside these areas feel free to contact us so that we can direct you to the right resource.

Will my insurance cover my services?

Families can access Applied Behavior Analytic Services through their insurance company. Most commercial and Medi-Cal coverage plans fully fund ABA therapy. During intake we can check for eligibility and outline your benefits. 

How are staff members trained?

Upon hiring each Behavior Technician receives both theory and field trainings. Over 40 hours of theory training is used in conjunction to field observations and field trainings with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  

How are goals for therapy created?

Each objective that is proposed is based upon an observed excess or deficit. We utilize our direct time with you to probe baselines for skills so that we can create specific goals to target throughout our treatment period. 

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