Improving Family Outcomes Through Tailored Training and Support

Behavior Intervention Services for children and adolescents in Yolo County and surrounding areas

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Our programs range from Intensive Behavior Therapy to Parent Trainings. Each program is designed specifically for your family. You and your family will be paired with an expertly trained behavior management team to target the reduction of challenging behaviors such as tantrums, aggression, screaming, throwing, and self-injury.

Dedicated ABA Therapists

Behavior Resources is a Behavior Health Provider that utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to develop effective plans to reduce unwanted behaviors which may occur in the home or the community. We pride ourselves on quality services with well-trained, compassionate staff. Therapy is individualized and tailored to each family’s needs. Session hours may focus on increasing communication, daily living skills, social skills, and teaching replacement skills for challenging behavior.

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Problematic behavior reduction

At Behavior Resources, we believe in creating meaningful partnerships with you and your child to teach replacement skills to reduce the need for challenging behavior. The strategies we utilize focus on positive prevention measures scientifically proven to help reduce challenging behavior.  


We specialize in increasing communication skills and provide great tips to promote functional communication. Our staff combine parent coaching and modeling to facilitate long lasting behavior changes.

Increasing Independence

We work with your child and family to increase independence with essential life skills, such as toileting, dressing, and safety skills.

Caregiver Coaching

Research shows that caregiver participation leads to best outcomes. Our goal is to teach you everything we know about behavior. We strive to ultimately prepare you to work through any behavior which may occur now or in the future.

EIBT- Early Intensive Behavior Therapy 

Typically lasting two to five years in duration, E.I.B.T. programs use a combination of discrete trial methods and naturalistic teaching strategies. Parent participation is imperative for the generalization and maintenance of newly acquired skills.

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BIS - Behavior 
Intervention Services

This short-term program is centered around the teachings of the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our intention is to focus on positive prevention measures to set you and your family up to successfully intervene upon challenging behavior.  

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SSG- Social Skills Group

Our Social Skills Group pairs children of similar age and interests so that they may work to learn and hone their social skills. Group leaders facilitate the development of social skills such as holding a conversation, good sportsmanship, appropriately requesting items from peers, asking peers to play, utilizing coping strategies, and solving problems.

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