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Welcome back, parents! As the school bells ring and lunch boxes and backpacks are prepared, we understand that the back-to-school season can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if your child has special needs. Here are a couple of Behavior Resources’ favorite tips for a successful school year! Meet your child’s teacher and other members […]

Tips for a Successful Transition Back to School


How do we learn complex skills, multi-step skills such as brushing teeth or making a snack? We use a concept called shaping! So…what is shaping? Shaping is the process of systematically and differentially reinforcing successive approximations to a terminal behavior (Cooper, Heron, Heward, 2007). In other words: As a new skill is taught, we want […]

Using Shaping to Teach New Skills


Why does a certain behavior happen? Why is my kid doing this?  In ABA, we look at three possible functions of behavior. These are the reasons behaviors occur: access/attention, escape/avoidance, and automatic reinforcement. Some people may refer to access as “tangible” and some may refer to automatic reinforcement as “sensory.” 1. Access/Attention This is a […]

Functions of Behavior – The “Why” Behind the Behavior


So my kid was just diagnosed with a developmental disorder and/or recommended ABA services….now what?! What even is ABA? ABA is short for Applied Behavior Analysis. Behavior analysis is the science of behavior. In ABA, this science examines the way behaviors are learned and may change over time. ABA is used to reduce challenging or […]

My Kid Was Just Diagnosed… Now What?